Introduction to CodeScan
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Introduction to CodeScan

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Automated Code Quality & Security With CodeScan

CodeScan is a platform for continuous inspection of code quality and security. With rich support for Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning, CodeScan will identify and help fix potential issues during all stages of the development process.

CodeScan Features

  1. Control quality, allowing you to customize your code gates.
  2. Boost security to ensure your code is secured according to CWE and OWASP.
  3. Track technical debt by providing the ability to scan your projects quickly.
  4. Increase productivity by automating the code review process.
  5. Save time and allow dev teams to focus on what matters the most.
  6. Enforce standards by enabling you to define your rules for your org.

Overview of CodeScan UI Page

CodeScan UI - Static Code Analysis Tool UI

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