Release Notes 4.5

CodeScan 4.5

New Features

New Cloud Features

  • Native GitLab Integration: Your GitLab cloud repo's are now just one click away from our new GUI integration.

  • Verbose Billing Warnings: Billing warnings will now be more verbose.

New Apex Rules

  • Avoid using null conditions in SOQL WHERE clause: by default, index tables do not include null records. WHERE clauses that include nulls will therefore require a full scan, which can be very slow for large data volumes. The developer must determine if a fix is needed.

  • Page Action with a simple redirection: avoid creating a page action that makes a simple client side redirect.

  • Sending outbound emails using Messaging.sendEmail: emails sent with Messaging.sendEmail count against daily limits which can cause rejection. The developer must determine if a fix is needed.

  • Using Batch Apex from a trigger is dangerous: ensure that jobs created by the trigger do not exceed job limit.

  • Using Database.AllowCallouts interface in Batch Apex: it is not recommended to make HTTP calls as part of Batch Apex logic.

  • Source files should have a sufficient density of comment lines (v4.5.3): this version of the rule is able to be used in the IDE. An issue is created on a file as soon as the density of comment lines on this file is less than the required threshold.


  • DMLWithoutSharingEnabled now takes Inheritance into account (v4.5.2).

  • FieldLevelSecurity now has a parameter to check classes that extend system level classes ie. Database.Batchable, Queueable, and Install Handler (v4.5.3).

  • CommentRequired now checks for private methods via parameter (v4.5.3).

Bug Fixes

  • Parsing issues for the Safe Navigation Operator fixed (v4.5.1).

  • False positive fixed in SOQLInjection (v4.5.1).

  • False positive fixed in AuraEnabledWithoutCatchBlock (v4.5.1).

  • Parsing fixes for Javascript annotations (v4.5.2).

  • EsLint configuration files are no longer picked up with analysis (v4.5.3).

  • False positive fixed in BadCrypto (v4.5.3).

  • False positive fixed in UseSingleton (v4.5.5).

  • IDE Plugin no longer creates files in the base directory (v4.5.5).

  • False positive fixed in FieldLevelSecurity (v4.5.6).

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