Export issues to CSV in CodeScan Cloud


You can export issues as CSV files from CodeScan. Exporting issues to CSV enables you and your team to export all the data collected from issues into a comma-separated values (CSV) file, which stores tabular data in plain text. You can narrow down which issues to export using the filters, along with the severities of the issues.

Use Cases

The following are some of the use cases for exporting issues as CSV files:

  • Create diagrams, graphs, and charts from the CSV data.

  • Present the data in any other format for auditing or sharing reasons.

  • Import the issues elsewhere to a system outside of CodeScan.

  • Use the long-term data to gather relevant feedback given in the issues, and improve your product based on real metrics.

How to Export

  1. Login to your CodeScan account and select your CodeScan organization.

  2. Navigate to the More tab and choose CSV Export from the dropdown.

  1. Using the available filters, choose the issues you want to include in the CSV file.

  2. Click Export to download the file in your local machine.

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