Enforce Single Sign On (SSO)

You can enable an option to enforce SSO for members of your team. This will make it mandatory for all team members to log in via SSO.

To enforce SSO, you need to enable the SSO login configuration:

  1. Go to the My Account page, and under the SSO Configuration, select the Disable login with AutoRABIT credentials checkbox.

  2. Click Save.

Your team members will now be forced to log in via SSO only. Even if SSO is enforced, you, as an org administrator, can log in using either standard authentication (username/password) or SSO.

How to override single sign-on (SSO)?

If you, an org admin, want to override the SSO configuration for an individual team member or group of users, you uncheck the Enforce SSO boxes after selecting the team members from the list.

Note: When selecting the Disable login with AutoRABIT credentials option, the Enforce SSO checkboxes are automatically checked for all users.

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