Visual Code Extension

About Visual Code Extension

AutoRABIT offers a suite of products to automate CI/CD and data and metadata backup processes for Salesforce. The Automated Release Management (ARM) Suite for Salesforce allows teams to configure, build, test, and manage development, environments, and deployments on their Salesforce instance.

This will help Salesforce developers, admins, analysts, and release managers with out-of-the-box automation of version control.


VS Code extension allows our developers to commit the code via a pre-validation framework thereby boosting team productivity.


Before you get started working with VS Code Extension, you need to:

  1. Download the Visual Studio Code installer for your platform.

  2. Install the AutoRABIT Visual Studio Code extension in your system.

  3. GIT installed on your local computer. Even if it is already installed, it is probably a good idea to update to the latest version. To install GIT, click HERE.

  4. Create an API token in AutoRABIT to connect to the extension. If you’re not aware of how to create an API token, refer to the documentation link: Creating API Token.

  5. Version Control repo/branch registered within AutoRABIT.

  6. Salesforce Org configured within AutoRABIT.

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