CodeScan and Copado Integration

We are happy to announce our partnership with Copado.

Copado is a release management tool for the Salesforce platform. Copado users can now integrate CodeScan in their deployments to achieve error-free and secure releases.

If you have been wondering on how to integrate your CodeScan account with Copado, we have a step by step guide which helps you do it and it will be the beginning of your static analysis using CodeScan way on Copado.

Click here to access the documentation required to follow step by step procedure on how to integrate it.

Once the integration is completed, whenever you run a static code analysis from a User Story or an Org Credential record associated to an environment inside this pipeline, it will take these SCA settings and will create a new Static Code Analysis Results record with the scan details and a link to the CodeScan results.


1. Should the user add a new analysis project after the CodeScan-Copado integration is complete? If the user creates one, how does CodeScan understand it's the same project as the Copado connection?

Not required. The project in CodeScan is automatically created in Copado Integration using the organisation key and security token provided by CodeScan.

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