Feature Commits

The Feature Commit History will list down all the commits that occurred during the feature migration deployment operation along with the commit logs details and the list of objects that were committed to your version control system.

Navigate to nCino > Commit History.

The left side of the screen will display the complete list of commits that happened.

Using the Advanced Search filter, you can filter any specific commit records faster.

Next, click on one of the commit labels to view its detailed information on the right side of the screen. You can find the commit details such as commit label, commit status, author username, date and time of the commit performed, etc.

Revision Info

This section will list down the objects that were either newly added to the version control system or were updated to the existing objects.

  • A denotes object was newly added

  • M denotes object was modified or updated

Commit History Log

This section will list down the step-by-step log details for your commits.

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