API Access

To interact with API, you need to have a unique, personal access token. This will be used to authenticate yourself within the API.

The token is the equivalent of the user name & password pair. Once generated, it identifies your own account. So you should be careful with it and not disclose it to any un-trusted party (application).

Generate your API Access Token

To generate your access token, you should:

  1. Go to the API Tokens screen under the Admin module.

  2. Click on the Create API Token button to generate a new token.

  3. Enter the API token name on the next screen.

  4. Note down your newly generated token - you are going to need it soon.

  • For security reasons, it is not possible to view the token after closing the creation dialog. If necessary, create a new token. Max of 10 tokens is permitted for each user license.

  • You should store the token securely, as for any password.

Token Deactivation

If a user account gets deactivated in AutoRABIT, the API Token will get deactivated at the same time. In some cases, AutoRABIT will need to revoke or invalidate tokens. For example, when a user logs out of an AR application. If you revoke a token, it can be re-approved anytime before it expires.

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