Registering Salesforce Org


When you register your Salesforce Organization, Vault is connected to your Salesforce org with required permissions that enable you to backup your data and metadata information.


You will need a Salesforce account. To sign up for your developer account in Salesforce, refer to the link: Once you fill in all the details with a valid email address, you'll get an invitation link in your email to activate your account.

Registering a Salesforce Account

To register a Salesforce org with Vault, follow the steps below in sequence:

  1. Authenticate your Salesforce Org via HTTP Basic Auth or OAuth 2.0.

  2. Set up a backup configuration for your Salesforce Org.

  3. Schedule a backup for your Salesforce Org.

  4. Set up an archive configuration for your Salesforce Org.

Salesforce Org Authentication via HTTP Basic Auth or OAuth 2.0

  1. Log in to your Vault account using your credentials.

  2. Visit Setup > Register New Org from the Vault homepage.

  1. Next, choose an authentication type to register the org. Usually, there are two ways to authenticate your Salesforce org: OAuth or Standard (username/password).

    • OAuth Authentication: An industry-standard protocol specification enables third-party applications (such as Salesforce) to gain delegated access to protected resources in Vault via an API. To use OAuth authentication, you must choose the Environment as Salesforce and select the Salesforce API version from the dropdown. Select your Salesforce Org type, i.e., productions, sandbox, or enter your custom org type. Enter the desired name for the org in the Org Title field and the Salesforce username. On selecting Authenticate, the page redirects you to the Salesforce login screen, where you enter your authentication details. You will be redirected to the Vault login page after successful authentication.

  • Standard Authentication: In Standard authentication, the desired Salesforce Cloud environment, the username, password, and the security token of Salesforce are entered, and Vault authenticates the connection. You would have received the security token through email when you initially set up your account or reset your password on the most recent occasion. Your token can also be reset independently. To reset your security token, go to My Settings > Personal > Reset My Security Token in Salesforce. To test whether Vault can connect to the target Salesforce organization when using the credentials of the target Salesforce user, click on Test Connection.

  1. Finally, click on the Save button to complete the authentication process.

  2. When the user selects the 'Custom' option under the 'Org Type' dropdown, the following note will be visible beside the 'Authenticate' button: “Use only Salesforce Classic URL for the 'Instance URL'; Lightning URL is not supported.”

What's Next?

Once you register your Salesforce Org with Vault, you will automatically navigate to the Configs tab. The next step is to set up a backup configuration for your Salesforce Org. The configuration backup job creates a snapshot of the data/metadata from your Salesforce org and retrieves the data required for a successful restore. If you're not redirected in the first place, you can always do so by navigating to Setup > Selecting your Salesforce Org > Configs > Add Backup Config. Proceed with the backup or archival configurations when you register your Salesforce org. Read More---->

Similarly, you can set up an archive configuration using Add Archive Config on the Configs screen. Data Archive is about moving unwanted data components from your Salesforce Org and freeing up space for new data. With Vault, this data is safely stored for future use. In a nutshell, Vault makes Salesforce data archiving and backup a simple, productive, and effective process. Read More---->

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