Different Users in ARM

Registered Admin

The first person from an organization to sign up on AutoRABIT and purchase the subscription is automatically assigned as the Registered Admin. This user serves as the liaison between the organization and AutoRABIT.

Deciding who signs up from an organization as a registered admin requires significant consideration because the registered admin will have access to the Subscription Management page, which is not available to other admins or sub-users. From this page, a registered admin can:

  • Create and configure teams

  • Upload the license key

  • Manage allotted subscriptions

The registered admin can create other admins and has access to all the modules on their dashboard as the admins, but they must contact the AutoRABIT support team for the following requests:

  • Installing and configuring agents

  • Reassigning the Registered Admin

  • Increasing the licenses and extending the validity

Once a request is received, the ARM support team will be able to help you further.

Important Note:

Registered Admin and the user currently logged in are disabled for ALL actions. They cannot be added, deleted, suspended, activated, deactivated, edited, or their roles delegated to other users.

Org Administrators

Org Administrators (or Admins) are users with permission to access the ARM administration dashboard. The Admin can assign multiple roles to an individual admin if their job requires them to perform actions spanning multiple roles. You can share the responsibility of managing your ARM account by assigning administrator roles to other users.

As an administrator for your organization, you can see a list of all the roles and privileges assigned to your users. This information can help you quickly determine a user's level of access to your organization's account.

Important Note:

The Registered Admin and all Org Administrators can perform all the following actions in ARM.

  • Add a new user

  • Edit or delete a user

  • Export user details in CSV

  • Enforce SSO

  • Add and edit user's roles and permissions

General Users

General users have access to the ARM application based on the permission assigned by their Org Admin. They do not have access to the administration dashboard.

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