Raise a Service Request

CodeScan enables you to create and manage support requests, also known as support tickets. AutoRABIT Support Portal allows you to create and manage your requests.

If you're already logged in to CodeScan and want to submit a support ticket, follow these steps:

  1. Select the ? in the global header, then select Get Help.

  1. When you click Get Help, you'll be taken to the AutoRABIT support portal, where you can submit a request.

  2. Select the option: Tickets

  1. Click on Add ticket to log your ticket. When you click Add ticket, you'll be taken to a form where you can fill out the required information to submit a request ticket.

  1. Fill out the form with the below-mentioned information, then click Submit.

    • Priority: Select the priority from the drop-down as per the importance of your ticket.

    • Severity: As per the impact of issues on your work, choose severity level.

    • Product: Choose CodeScan as the product.

    • Hosting Type: Choose the type of product you are using.

    • Version: Choose the CodeScan product version you're working with.

    • Classification: Choose Other.

    • Plugin Type: Select the type of plugin from the drop-down.

    • Subject: Briefly describe your problems in this field.

    • Description: Add the details of your request in the description field.

    • Department: Choose AutoRABIT as a department from the drop-down

    • Attach a file: If there are any attachments, click on Attach a file to attach them.

  2. Click on My Area to view the status of your tickets as well as detailed information about them.

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