Signing Up with ARM

The ARM signup and activation process has several steps— some on our end and others on yours.

  1. Go to and find the login option, or go directly to

  2. Now, click on the Sign up for a Demo link. The AutoRABIT – New Registration screen appears.

3. Fill in the registration details, and then click Register.

  1. Next, we review your details to check if they comply with our policies and to set up the rest of your account. When we've completed this process, we will send you an email with details on your activation status.

  2. When your account is activated, you will get a confirmation sent to your email address.

Important Note: If your account isn't activated at this stage, you'll get an email explaining why and the next steps you can take.

Logging In

The ARM login screen allows you to log in to your instance.

  1. Navigate your web browser to your instance's URL (for example,

  2. The ARM login screen appears.

  3. Enter your login credentials (username and password), and then click on Login.

  4. Please get in touch with your org administrator for assistance if you do not know your instance's URL or login credentials.

Password Requirements

  • Must be at least 10 characters

  • Must include at least 1 number (0-9)

  • Must include 1 lowercase letter (a-z) and 1 uppercase letter (A-Z)

  • Must not include & < > ' \" + = | \\ ; ? , . ` {} [] characters

  • Must be different from the last 5 previously used passwords

Logging Out

When you are done working in ARM and wish to log out of the system, click your username in the upper right corner and click Logout. This will log you out completely from ARM, and you must log in again to access your account.

How to Prevent Credential Sharing

ARM only allows a username to be logged in under one session, and any additional user sessions started using the same username will be logged out of the previous session. This mechanism is for security, as ARM does not allow multiple sessions for the same username from different machines or browsers. To prevent situations like this, please do not share your login credentials (username and password) with users in your organization.

Another situation where users are automatically logged out is when the user does not perform any actions in ARM for a certain period. Configuration settings in the ARM UI control the security timeout period in ARM.

Users can have multiple tabs of ARM pages open within the same web browser (e.g., Chrome) without getting logged out of the system. For example, this is useful when working with multiple ARM pages or records without navigating away from previous pages.

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