Filtering Issues in CodeScan

CodeScan's filters feature offers a clear view of the code’s specific errors.

  1. Navigate to Organization > Issues.

  1. Click the Issues tab to open a new page with different kinds of filters on the left side.

  1. As you can see, many filters will help you determine what kind of an error or a warning you want to work on or view depending on language preferences, type of errors, severity, rules, etc.

  2. You can filter specific errors by selecting the relevant dropdowns. Here are a few screenshot examples of how to select filters and work on them.

    • Here, you can see the options provided, once you click on the specific filter dropdown category and choose the one which is necessary.

Issues Type and Severity

To know more about different types of issues raised while running a CodeScan analysis, and issues severities, kindly refer HERE.

  1. To see similar features for other issues, click on the dropdown and see the sub categories of issue.

  2. The Rule filter enables you to view every instance of a specific issue being found in your project.

  1. Click on the highlighted link to know the definition of the rule. This will show you the rule description as well as examples to help you learn more about the problem.

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