Deploying the Profile and PermissionSets

The Deployment screen is best viewed when the zoom setting is set to 80% on your Chrome/Firefox browser.

  1. Log in to your ARM account.

  2. From the top navigation pane, navigate to Create New > New Deployment.

  3. Click on the Profile Manager button.

  1. In the Profile/PermissionSet Manager screen, select the Salesforce orgs that need to be compared (max 3 Orgs).

  2. Click on either the Get Profiles or the Get PermissionSetsbutton.

    • Get Profiles will fetch all the profiles available in selected Salesforce Orgs.

    • Get PermissionSets will list all available permission sets in Salesforce Orgs

  3. Select the Profile/PermissionSets type based on the above selection.

  1. Select the metadata components (including its metadata members) for which you want to view the selected profile/permissionset comparison report. A minimum of one metadata component selection is required to proceed further.

  1. About Object Permissions in Profiles, Editing standard objects on standard profiles is not supported by Salesforce. Hence, these changes won't show up in your destination environment.

  1. Select the 'Hide components with no differences' checkbox to hide the components with no differences.

  2. Give the process a Label Name. Click Compare.

Important Notes:

  1. Based on the size of your Profiles, the time taken for comparison can vary. You can navigate to a different screen and return to the Profile Manager page once the results are ready and available.

  2. To optimize browser performance, it is recommended to compare one access setting at a time (in case of large profiles).

  1. On the next page, you can see a list of permissions available for each metadata component. Here, you can update the permissions for each component for all the orgs at once.

    • Permissions/ Components that are not available will be denoted by X in the org.

    • For the fields that are left blank. For example, in Apps and Datasources, no related record type is assigned; hence, nothing shows up or will display 'No Data Found'.

  2. You can also download the report on your local machine using the Download Report icon at the bottom of this page.

  1. Select the permissions/components that you want to update.

  2. Next, select one of the actions listed below:

    • Update Change: The changes to the metadata components get updated in the same Org.

    • Update & Deploy: The changes will be updated in the selected source org and deployed to the Destination Org(s).

    • Deploy: The changes get deployed only in the selected Destination Org(s). No changes occur in the Source Org.

  3. Click OK.

  4. You will be redirected to the Deployment History screen, where you can find the deployment process.

Important Note: You can list the previous profile manager labels from the Profile Manager screen.

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