Migrate Custom Settings Data

When migrating a large number of Custom Settings from one sandbox to another and then to Production, use this template.

To migrate custom setting data from one Salesforce Org to another, follow the steps below:

  1. In the Create Migration Template screen, select the checkbox: Migrate Custom Setting Data.

  2. Give a Name to the template and as well as add a short description. Choose the source Salesforce Org from the drop-down menu and then click on Select Objects.

  1. On the next screen, choose the required objects fields from the list of objects available in the source org. Use the quick search option to further filter the options.

  2. Next, click on the Fetch Fields button.

  1. The next screen will fetch the fields available in the selected objects. The non-customizable objects will remain un-highlighted and you won’t be able to select that object.

  2. Click on the Show Fields to display the list of fields available in the object.

  1. Select the desired fields and then click on the Get Records button.

  1. Next, click the Save button.

  1. See your Summary report to validate once again and then click Save.

  1. Next, you'll be taken to the Create Template page. At the bottom of the template screen, click the Save button. The template is created successfully and appears on the Env Provisioning homepage.

  1. Click on the Run button to run the current template on your destination org.

  2. Select your destination org from the dropdown and enter the email address(es) to receive an email notification whenever the template is run.

  3. To use the current template as the post-deployment during CI/CD, select the Migrate Custom Setting Data checkbox under the Post Deployment Steps section. This is optional.

  4. Click Run. For a detailed summary report of the operation carried out, please check the View History page.

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