Prerequisite while performing a commit using AutoRABIT

Complete the steps below before starting the AutoRABIT commit operation:

  1. Register your Version Control Repository in AutoRABIT: An admin can perform this step only. Register your Version Control Repositories such as GIT, SVN, or TFS in AutoRABIT.

  2. Register your Salesforce organization in AutoRABIT: AutoRABIT connects to your Salesforce Org using the secure OAuth method or username/password connections. This step can be performed by an admin only.

  3. Set Up a Branch: Instead of making changes to the code base directly, you can branch off from the main line and work on a specific feature in an isolated branch. This step can only be performed by an admin.

  4. Mapping the users with the Version control and Salesforce Orgs in the "My Profile" section: Set up the permission to create a project in AutoRABIT.

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