Comparing Two Backups

To compare two backup activities of a Salesforce org or to compare one of the back-ups with live data in Salesforce, do the following:

  1. Login to your Vault account.

  2. Click COMPARE.

  3. On the Compare screen, select the desired Salesforce org and the Configurations of your choice and click on GET DETAILS.

  4. The list of backups performed to date will display.Hierarchical and archival backups are not supported for Compare functionality.

  1. Next,

  • Select one backup from the list to compare the backup data with live data from Salesforce org or,

  • Select two backup activities to compare them and show the metadata and data difference results.

  1. Click COMPARE or LIVE COMPARISON based on the backup selection.

  2. On the next screen, view the metadata/data comparisons between two backups. Use the Search filter option to find any specific record.

  1. Click on the individual object to view the detailed line-level comparison report between two backups.

  1. You can filter the comparison report based on the record types i.e., whether the records were modified, deleted or no changes happened to date.

  1. You can even search for specific columns and text to filter and view the comparison record faster.

  1. Select the Report you want to compare, then click on TRIGGER RESTORE.

  2. Follow the instructions on the Compare checklist.

  1. Click Got It after you've gone through the checklist to close the pop-up screen.

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