Reports Overview

ARM allows its users to view all the deployment, merge, and dataloader-related information that is carried out in the Salesforce Org in the form of reports. This information improves productivity, accountability, and insight into your business data by generating reports.

Also, users have the option to produce reports either weekly, monthly, yearly, or between specific dates.

Viewing Audit Reports

The Report screen is best viewed when the zoom setting is 80% on your Chrome/Firefox browser.

  1. Hover your mouse over the REPORTS module and click on the WEEKLY REPORTS.

  2. A screen displays the weekly summary report of EZ-Commits, deployments, dataloader, TAF, and continuous integration.

  3. Click on the dropdown button beside Weekly Report and select the appropriate option to filter the data based on the chosen date range. The users can view the reports either weekly, monthly, or yearly.

  4. View the reports for the selected dates using the date range icons.

  5. For CI Jobs triggered in ARM, you have a provision to view detailed reports for each project or all the projects at once.

  6. You can also expand the audit report of each module for better visualization.

Downloading Reports

For data/reports displayed under the WEEKLY REPORTS screen, you can export the report to a Zip format.

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