Customizing Quality Profiles


Quality Profiles determine the list of rules used in a scan. Quality Profiles can be customized by adding and removing rules, setting severities, and changing scope where applicable.

To make a custom Quality Profile, you can create a new profile or copy one of our default profiles from the list as a starting point.

Point to Note:

Changes CAN NOT be made to the default profiles, only to custom profiles. If you are using a default profile and would like to remove a rule, please make a copy of the default profile and make your changes to the copied profile.

Creating a Quality Profile

To customize the Quality Profile, follow the steps below:

  1. Use the Create button at the top right of the page to create a new Quality Profile.

  2. Enter the Name and choose a Language for the profile. Additionally, you can give your new profile a Parent profile.

To use the rule mentioned above, the parameter minimumCommentDensity needs to be set to a value. The minimum value is 25. If you use the value of 35 as an example, the density of comment lines of 35 will be considered.

Setting a default Quality Profile

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