Vault™ Overview

AutoRABIT, the leader in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), developed Vault™ for the Salesforce environment. Vault™ delivers automated, unlimited backup and recovery of Salesforce data using sophisticated compare tools, easy sandbox seeding, and comprehensive data management features to meet your IT security, risk, and compliance needs.

Vault™ streamlines and automates Salesforce data, simplifies data backup challenges, and offers disaster recovery and endpoint data protection. Vault™ secures Salesforce environments from accidental data loss and has a rich feature set to leverage the power of backup data.

Feature List

  1. Highly reliable data center architecture for unlimited data backup, scalability, availability, and responsiveness.

  2. Automated daily backups of Salesforce data in a secure, centralized data center with unlimited storage.

  3. Archived data from any date in the past can be restored by a single click, maintaining relational integrity whenever needed.

  4. Extensive summary reports based on your search/queries.

  5. Business continuity is ensured with secure data recovery and replication in no time while abiding by the Salesforce API governor limits.

  6. Advanced encryption algorithms to secure your data in transit and storage. Compliance with IT security audits, assessments, data privacy regulations, standards, and certifications across domains, e.g., healthcare, financial services, and government.

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