Installing VS Code Extension

Installing Visual Studio Code Extension

  1. To install VS Code extension, click on the Install button available at the visual studio marketplace.

  1. It will prompt you to open VS code application on your local machine. Click on the Install button once again to install the extension in VS Code.

  2. Once the installation is done, you’ll find the AutoRABIT logo in the Activity bar located on the far left-hand side of the screen.

  3. On the extension details page, you can read the extension's detailed overview as well as review the extension's:

    • Feature Contributions- The extension's additions to VS Code such as commands, view containers, view, etc.

    • Changelog- The extension repository CHANGELOG.

Installing Salesforce CLI

Once you have Visual Studio Code installed for your particular platform (macOS, Linux, or Windows) since Salesforce is a heavily utilized application for AutoRABIT it is recommended to install Salesforce Extension Pack. This is completed by clicking on the Extension Icon within VS Code: This is a must when developing on the Salesforce platform.

Important Note: The Salesforce Extension Pack extension installs eight extensions including Salesforce CLI Integration, Apex, Apex Interactive Debugger, Apex Replay Debugger, Lightning Web Components, Aura components, Visualforce, and Salesforce Lightning Design System (SDLS) Validator.

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