Working with VSCode Extension

A. Create Pre-validation Request

Create a pre-validation request to commit from your local version control repository.

B. Stage Changes

Stage all changes

Stage changes for a file

Stage selective line of code

C. Submit Pre-validation Request

While submitting the pre-validation request, you may choose the below criteria as pre-checks:

  1. Generate Diff Report

  2. Run Static code analysis

  3. Validate deployment

Generate Diff report

AutoRABIT compares the metadata between the source org and the destination branch and generates a metadata difference report. The diff report shows a summary of metadata components differences between the org and the branch.

Run Static code analysis

Static code analysis will detect data flow problems, software defects, language implementation errors, inconsistencies, dangerous usage, coding standard violations, and security vulnerabilities if any.

Validate Deployment

AutoRABIT performs a check-only deployment to your selected org/branch. Nothing will be deployed however if anything goes wrong - for example, the deployment fails, or tests do not pass - we will show you exactly what happened, so you can fix it.

D. Commit approved pre-validation request

This will allow you to commit the code once the pre-validation request is approved.

E. View Pre-validation Requests

Diff Report

Static Code Analysis Report

Validate Deployment Report

F. Trigger Build

This extension will also allow developers to run builds once the code is committed. Different quick actions such as Quick Deploy, or Abort are associated to each build.

G. Deployments

This extension will allow viewing results for pre-validations, builds, and deployments.

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