User Sessions

A new feature released by Vault allows the administrator to view a list of all the currently active users in the Vault.

Vault admins can view all user sessions for an org; non-admins see only their own sessions.

In addition to viewing all active sessions, the administrator can terminate any active session. This will automatically log the user out of the Vault. To do this, the administrator has to navigate to the Profile > Session Information.

Here the administrator can select any required user session and click on Logout to terminate that user’s session. The user will be automatically logged out from the organization as soon as the administrator clicks Logout.

When the admin manually ends a user’s session, the user must log in again to the Vault.

The following table contains information about the fields you can view on this page. Due to the nature of geolocation technology, the accuracy of geolocation fields may vary.


Public IP

The IP address associated with the session


The username used when logged in to the session.


The city where the user’s IP address is physically located.


The approximate location of the IP address from where the user logged in.

Device Details

The device on which the user is logged in. For example, Desktop, Mobile, etc.

OS Details

The operating system details for the session.

Browser Details

The browser details for the session.

Last Access Time

The date and time stamp of the last session update due to activity.

Search for activities of a specific user

  1. On the Session Information page, click on Activity Log. The activity log page can display the user activity list up to 100 records per page. The default sort order is Date/Time.

  2. Next, in the Time Period field, select the date range from the list. For example, 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year.

  3. In the Users field, select a username.

  4. Under Activity Search, mention the Vault activity to fetch the result. For ex- backup, compare, replicate, etc.

  5. Click on Get Details.

Export the Activity Log

  1. Click the Download button on the Activity Logs page.

  2. The file will be downloaded to your device in CSV file format.

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