SCA For Checkmarx

Checkmarx: Overview

Checkmarx is a unique source code analysis solution that helps in identifying, tracking, and repairing technical and logical flaws in the source code, such as security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and business logic problems.

Checkmarx Supported Version8.8 version or above

Registering Checkmarx in AutoRABIT

  1. Log in to your AutoRABIT account.

  2. Go to the My Account page.

  3. Under Plugins and under the Static Code Analysis section, select the Checkmarx box.

  4. In the Checkmarx credentials dialog, fill in the below details:

    • CxServer: Checkmarx Server URL or IP address, e.g, http://server-name

    • Team Name: Enter the relevant team name for the project.

    • Select Credential: Choose the correct user's credential from the list. To create a new credential, click on the + icon.

  5. Click on Test Connection. Wait until the credentials are validated and the Success status is indicated. Once, the connection is successful, click on OK.

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