System Requirements and Installation


You must have a SonarQube™ server currently running in your environment. If you do not, please visit to get set up.

Hardware Requirements

  1. Atleast 8GB of RAM to run efficiently. If you are installing an instance for a large teams or Enterprise, do consider the additional recommendations of 16GB of RAM.

  2. 2 CPU cores (equivalent to AWS t2.large)

  3. 100GB of disk space.

  4. CodeScan must be installed on hard drives that have excellent read & write performance.


Depending on your use-case, this may be way too much or too little. As SonarQube™ stores all snapshots for a long time, the data can build up for a large project. Additionally, heavy usage for users would cause more load.

Supported Platforms

  1. Java version 11

  2. SonarQube™ 8.9+

  3. SonarJS 6.2+

  4. Operating System (OS): Windows, Mac and Linux

  5. Latest available Node.js LTS version (v16 as of today)

  6. CodeScan custom rule designer: This is a designer tool to help build XPath Rules for self-hosted CodeScan. You can download the tool from HERE

Web Browser

To get the full experience CodeScan has to offer, you must enable JavaScript in your browser.

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