Release Notes 23.1

nCino Release Notes 23.1

September 2023 Version 23.1 – Streamlined CI/CD and Enhanced Control

We're thrilled to introduce a series of exciting enhancements to elevate your nCino experience. Get ready for:

1. Precision Deployment: Define your baseline revisions and effortlessly trigger builds for new revisions, enabling delta deployments. Package multiple commit revisions together for swift Record-Based Configuration (RBC) deployments.

2. Multi-Sandbox Mastery: Seamlessly deploy nCino CI builds to multiple target sandboxes, with the flexibility to choose up to 5 organizations per job. Say goodbye to redundant job creations for the same deployment across multiple Orgs.

3. Effortless Job Management: Our revamped CI job flow guides you directly to the ‘Job List’ page, streamlining your experience. A simple ‘Run’ button on this page empowers you to initiate jobs effortlessly.

4. Rollback Assurance: Take control of your nCino RBC deployments with our rollback feature. Capture snapshots before deployment and confidently revert your Org to its prior state if needed.

5. Access + Validation: We've renamed 'Applied Mappings' to 'External ID Mapping' for clarity. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with automated validation, ensuring your access to objects and essential external ID fields.

6. Post-Deployment Insights: Keep a finger on the pulse of post-deployment activities. The ‘Post Deploy Details' section provides consolidated updates for multiple Orgs. Dive deeper with 'View Details’ to explore Orgs and their records effortlessly.

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