Vault Release Notes

These release notes contain important information about Vault® 24.1.

This release incorporates new features, enhancements, and resolved issues from all previous significant releases. If you're upgrading from an earlier version of Vault, check the release notes for any interim versions or details about additional improvements in this release over your current release.

Vault 24.1 Release Notes

Anticipated Release Date: 17 April 2024

What’s new?

Exciting New Security Enhancements Await in Vault's Latest Release!

Security is paramount, and we're thrilled to introduce a range of robust features designed to fortify your data protection strategies. Get ready to bolster your defenses and streamline your workflows with these groundbreaking additions:

1. Elevated Security: Masking Rules at Org Level Take control of your data security like never before. Now, you can define masking rules at the Salesforce org level, ensuring compliance with organizational policies and enabling seamless reusability across multiple jobs.

2. Enhanced Security Monitoring: Seamless Viewing of Logs & Reporting on User Activity (SIEM) Empower your enterprise security with enhanced user activity and application event logging. Logs are now provided in CEF format, enabling seamless integration with tools like Splunk for comprehensive analysis and continuous monitoring.

3. Advanced Encryption: AWS KMS Support for Vault Connect Securely access archived data from AWS KMS encrypted storage using your own key with Vault Connect. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected while viewing it directly in Salesforce through external objects.

4. Supporting Vault with Azure Private Link Experience seamless and secure access to BLOB storage from Azure VMs with support for Azure private link in the Vault application, eliminating the need for access keys.

Now, let's dive into additional enhancements aimed at optimizing your data management processes:

5. Enhanced Vault Capabilities: Reusable Replicate Configurations Say goodbye to repetitive setup tasks! With our enhanced Vault capabilities, you can now create reusable Replicate configurations, saving you valuable time and effort by efficiently rerunning configurations and generating multiple jobs as needed.

6. Streamlined Workflow: Org-to-Org Cloning of Masking Rules Simplify your data masking process with ease! Introducing the ability to clone masking rules directly from one Salesforce org to another, eliminating the hassle of defining rules from scratch for sandboxes and other Salesforce orgs with identical masking requirements.

7. Enhanced Clarity: Naming Masking Rules Bring clarity and organization to your masking rules by providing them with descriptive names of your choice. With this new feature, managing and identifying rules has never been easier.

8. Real-Time Replication: Replicate with Salesforce Live Data Experience the power of near real-time data replication with support for Salesforce Live Data sources. Seamlessly seed your org with actual data without relying solely on backups.

9. Insightful Analytics: Drawing Metrics on Archived Data Unlock valuable insights from your archived data with built-in reporting capabilities within the Vault application. Now, you can analyze metrics on up to 6 months' worth of archived data effortlessly.

10. Simplified Data Management: Mapping Restricted Picklists & Record Types Streamline your data management processes with automated mapping of restricted picklist values and record types between source and destination Orgs, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

11. Preserved Data Integrity: Restore with Blank/Null Values Ensure data integrity throughout the restoration process with the ability to seamlessly restore null or blank values from backups during rollback or replication.

12. Improved Connectivity: Vault Connect - OData Connector V4.01 Support Stay connected effortlessly with support for the OData connector V4.01, ensuring seamless connectivity and data exchange while bypassing callout limits.

Upgrade now and fortify your data defenses with Vault's latest release!

Vault 23.2 Release Notes

August 2023

What's New?

View Archived Data through Vault Connect (Beta)

The archival capabilities of Vault are now enhanced further to create a connection between Salesforce and the storage environment (AWS S3 bucket), leveraging Salesforce Connect with OData 4.0 adapter to display the archived records directly within Salesforce without having to perform complex data loading operations.


  1. Salesforce Connect OData 4.0 adapter license

  2. Reach out to to express your interest in participating in the beta program.


Please reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager or Account Executive for more details on the pricing of this capability.


  1. OData protocol is an open and platform-independent protocol that can be integrated with the system of the user’s choice (along with Salesforce) as it exposes REST APIs for consuming and querying data from the underlying archives.

  2. External objects support most of the capabilities that standard and custom objects have in Salesforce.

  3. No need to install any managed packages or write custom scripts in Salesforce.


  1. Files and attachments are not supported for viewing through external objects in Salesforce. This will be supported in the upcoming version of Vault Connect scheduled for the end of Q4 ’23.

  2. Salesforce OData 4.0 adapter has a limitation on the number of callouts per hour. This is going to be addressed with the support for the Salesforce OData 4.01 adapter in the subsequent versions of the capability.

  3. Relationships between external objects and Salesforce objects need to be established manually (like if cases are archived and they are related to accounts that are not archived, the reference to accounts that are in the Salesforce object will be available in the external object but will not be reflected as a lookup relationship). The plan is to support the automated recreation of these references by the end of Q4 2023.

  4. All the limitations of Salesforce external objects are applicable as mentioned in this article: Help and Training Community.

  5. The solution supports only the customers configured with AWS S3 as a storage option in Vault.

  6. There is a max limit of 5GB of archived data per customer supported for connecting to Salesforce external data source as part of the beta program. This can be extended to a higher limit by raising a request with

For details on how to configure Vault Connect, please click here to access our Vault documentation.

Vault 23.1 Release Notes

January 2023

What's New

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) support

Currently, Vault allows usernames and passwords or SSO-based authentication to grant users access to the Vault application; however, most of our customers requested the implementation of an additional layer of protection to prevent the misuse of their credentials if user credentials were compromised. With MFA now supported, it will allow our users to add Google, Salesforce, or other comparable authenticator apps to provide an authentication code at login.

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Unique Identifiers for Object

With this update, we've added the capability to assign a unique identification to each object, preventing the generation of duplicate records. The mapping between source and destination records was not previously available with Vault when records were available in a sandbox, making it impossible to uniquely identify the records in the destination.

Thanks to this capability, every entity in the Salesforce org can now have a unique identifier configured. You can now restore or replicate data without recreating duplicate records.

Enhanced schema representation in restore/replicate

With the most recent Vault 23.1 release, we improved the schema representation by showing one level of the child/parent objects at a time. The tree can now be expanded based on your selection rather than the entire tree, which speeds up the download of the schema data and improves the UI.

The significant improvements are:

  • Shows the user one level of the child/parent objects at a time.

  • Expand the tree based on user selection instead of expanding the entire tree.

  • The schema is easily searchable, and objects are easily selectable.

Ability to search records in backup with partially matching values

We have now made it possible to search backups for records selectively using a term that partially matches them. Users can now search backup records with partially matching values instead of using the whole value as the search keyword.

Description field for backup and archive configurations

Users need to understand the details of the config created, and it is helpful for any new member to understand the configs setup and why they were created. As a result, we included the Description box on the Configuration page so that you may describe why you created the backup and archiving configurations. This description field can also be seen on the Config Summary screen.


  • Improved pagination to reduce page load times across the modules.

  • Minor performance, bug fixes, and security improvements can also be observed in the Vault portal.


7 June 2023

Vault v23.1.11

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. An issue was resolved where users were experiencing a problem replicating records from production to a developer sandbox with the backup with hierarchy option. In this issue, when attempting to replicate over 1100 records, no records were being populated in the developer sandbox.

  2. An issue has been resolved that affected manual backups. Users were unable to obtain all the objects in the backup, even when using the correct configuration settings.

  3. An issue has been addressed where users were archiving jobs with a configuration set to limit to 1 million records, but more than 1 million records were being archived. This issue has been fixed.

  4. An issue has been resolved where users encountered a problem while searching for a specific set of objects using the filter option during restoration or replication. Instead of selecting only those specific objects, all the objects were selected. This issue has been fixed.

17 May 2023

Vault v23.1.10

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Vault now supports Single Sign-On (SSO) capability through its auto-login function.

10 May 2023

Vault v23.1.9

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fixed an issue for the Restore/Replicate operation where the Person accounts restoration/replication failed when the backup got triggered with Person contacts.

03 May 2023

Vault v23.1.8

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fixed an issue where the Vault archival failed with "No Records Archived" status in the Vault UI.

  2. Fixed an issue where replicating the Assest records from the source to the destination org ran for a few hours, but no records were picked up.

  3. Fixed an issue where the scheduled backups failed for production orgs.

26 April 2023

Vault v23.1.7

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fixed an issue where the scheduled Archival jobs ran even after the Config was deleted.

  2. Fixed a bug where users had issues downloading the Label Names report in the Replicate section.

19 April 2023

Vault v23.1.6

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fixed an issue when replicating records from the production to a developer sandbox (1100+ records); no records were populated in the developer sandbox.

  2. Fixed an issue where the archive job kept running after data were processed.

  3. Fixed an issue with the Vault's data storage and management where the archive process failed as it could not write a backup to the Amazon S3 bucket.

12 April 2023

Vault v23.1.5

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fixed an issue where the users could not archive the ContentDocument files (#57707).

  2. Fixed an issue where the users could not edit or delete masking rules in the Replicate module (internal ticket).

  3. Fixed an issue where the Archival jobs did not show all children's details in the Archive config info section (internal ticket).

29 March 2023

Vault v23.1.4

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fixed an issue when the archive jobs got stuck, and the following error was thrown java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: [UnexpectedErrorFault [ApiFault exceptionCode='TXN_SECURITY_RUNTIME_ERROR'. Additionally, when multiple archive jobs were initiated in the Salesforce environment, the count of the archive records fluctuated. Now that the issue has been rectified, everything works as it should.

  2. Fixed an issue where the Salesforce API limit for the backup triggered using the Bulk API differed from the limit displayed inside the Vault application.

  3. Fixed an issue that stopped the replication jobs from migrating the Case and related objects to the production environment, including the Content Document, ContentVersion, and ContentDocument link.

21 March 2023

Vault v23.1.3

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fixed an issue where users were trying to map case records which were eventually restored but not properly mapped.

  2. Fixed an issue where the users could not use the SSO feature to log in to their Vault account.

  3. Fixed an issue where users, while changing the password, the users were unable to see the Save button.

15 March 2023

Vault v23.1.2

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Fixed an issue where the restore operation was stuck for hours, and in the end, the status threw as failed.

  2. Fixed an issue where the replicate job failed with no error in the log.

  3. Fixed an issue where the replicate Job is not replicating ContentVersion and ContentDocumentLink objects.

  4. Fixed an issue where the hierarchical and archival-child objects were not processed using EZ-restore and EZ-replicate.

  5. Fixed an issue for the EZ- Replicate, where the file upload count was incorrect.

08 March 2023

Vault v23.1.1

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Handling Salesforce session timeout in restore/replicate improved and performance improvement in the updateOldIdsWithNewIds method.

Vault 22.2 Release Notes

What's New

Support for Serial Backups

With this release, we have added the flexibility to enable your backup configs to run in serial mode. This prevents overlap of backups triggered under the same config and helps reduce redundant data storage caused due to overlapping backups.

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Access restriction through SSO for non-registered users

We’ve added the capability to Vault administrator to prevent the auto-creation of new users in Vault from SSO ID providers like OKTA and Microsoft Azure AD.

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Notifications for Restore/Replicate operations

With this release, we have enhanced the capability of how the users get notified once an operation is performed inside Vault. You will now have a field to add multiple recipients who should receive notifications whenever the action is performed. The currently logged-in recipient will automatically be enabled to receive the notifications.

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Vault 21.4 Release Notes

Release: 01 August 2021


nCino Template Sync: Now that Vault is linked to nCino, whenever the nCino team changes or releases a template, Vault's nCino features will be updated as well.

Bug Fixes

  • AutoRABIT’s help desk access via Vault had certain issues that have been rectified. Now you can see all of your support tickets when you access the helpdesk via Vault.

  • The combination of full and incremental metadata backups was not picking up all metadata for restore. This has now been rectified and is working as it should.

  • Due to a certificate issue, SSO for Azure Blob storage was not working. This has been resolved. SSO now functions as intended.

Vault 21.3 Release Notes

Release: 06 June 2021


  • Pre Restore/ Replicate Checklist: Now you can achieve improved governance for restore/ replicate jobs by following a set of guidelines to maximize the success rate.

  • UI Improvement: With this release, you will see all the jobs on a single summary page. The In-Progress tab under Backup, Restore, Replicate, Archival, GDPR module has been deprecated.

  • Vault now provides a capability to download backed-up metadata files for the on-premise offering

  • Improved security: We have worked on strengthening security by adding an additional layer of security.

Bug Fixes

  • Field level restores fix for On-Premise offering: The field level restore showed peculiar behavior for on-prem hosting this issue was identified and fixed. Now you can successfully restore at field level for the on-prem offering.

  • Backup member count for Dashboard, Reports, and EmailTemplate: There was an issue identified on backup count mismatch for incremental backups for metadata (Dashboard, Reports, and EmailTemplate). This is issue has been fixed, now you can see the exact count of the metadata that got changed and picked up in an incremental backup.

Vault 21.2 Release Notes

Release: 26 April 2021

For our customers in regulated industries with extended needs to meet compliance and security auditing standards – Now Vault is fully available for on-premises or in-your-cloud deployment and use of on-premises storage (including SANs). These new deployment and storage options give you complete control of the environment where Vault is deployed and your data sets are stored.

New Features

On-premises or “in-your-cloud” deployment

Now Vault can be deployed where you need it to be. You can choose our AutoRABIT hosted and managed SaaS deployment within your premises or at a cloud location (Private or Public Cloud). Contact your sales representative if your organization would like to pursue this.

On-premises storage from your AutoRABIT-hosted Vault

We now support on-premises as well as cloud storage. Host your backups and archives within your premises, DR sites, or cloud environments. And get all the control you need to meet regulated industries' extended security, compliance, and risk reduction needs.


Continued updates to the UI

We’ve continued updates that we started in the UI with our March release. Again – there are no changes to where you’ll find content in the UI – just our updated look and feel with fonts, colors, buttons, and more.

Email notifications with job status in the subject line

Until now, when you received a Vault job status notification from us, you had to read the body of the email to find out what it would refer to. Now you’ll be able to quickly read the status line and select those that most need your attention for immediate reading.

Some button naming changes: Full Restore to EZ Restore – Full Replicate to EZ Replicate

  1. EZ Restore (formerly Full Restore) enables restoration from a backup of all content from a selected backup. No functionality changes.

  2. EZ Replicate (formerly Full Replicate) simplifies all the content from a backup set with just a few clicks. Again, no functionality changes.

Support for additional FinancialForce Metadata types

We’ve added support for some previously unsupported FinancialForce metadata types – (Layout, QuickAction, CustomObject, DuplicateRule).

Vault 21.1 Release Notes

Release: 25 March 2021

The first thing you’ll notice with this new release is our updated look and feel. All your familiar tools and features are available with updated fonts, colors, and logos. We hope you’ll like it.

Elsewhere you’ll find new capabilities for using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) storage, enhanced support for Azure retention policies, and restore/replication functionality for non-required parents.

New Features

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) storage support for Vault

You can now use GCP storage for backups. Options available are to use either AutoRABIT’s hosted storage on GCP or your own GCP storage environment.


Application Rebranding

Here’s a quick look at the product's updated UI and branding changes. Again – there are no changes to where you’ll find content in the UI (except for the new features below) – just our updated look and feel:

  • Login/ Logout screens

  • Logos

  • Application fonts

  • Application colors

Restore/Replicate parents with relationship lookups

We’ve now added the capability to restore or replicate any non-required parents. To do this, select them from the schema before running a restore/replicate job.

Retention policy enhancements for Azure

With our January release, we added the capability to configure the Azure Blob Retention Policy for Azure-hosted backups from within the Vault UI to meet your retention requirements.

We’ve now enhanced this feature with the capability to define retention periods in previously existing Azure Blob-hosted backups or archives to start using retention periods. Keep in mind that once you’ve applied a retention policy, your backups will no longer be available after the retention period has expired.

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