Release Notes 24.0

Vault 24.1 Release Notes

Anticipated Release Date: 17 April 2024

These release notes contain important information about Vault® 24.1.

This release incorporates new features, enhancements, and resolved issues from all previous significant releases. If you're upgrading from an earlier version of Vault, check the release notes for any interim versions or details about additional improvements in this release over your current release.

What’s new?

Exciting New Security Enhancements Await in Vault's Latest Release!

Security is paramount, and we're thrilled to introduce a range of robust features designed to fortify your data protection strategies. Get ready to bolster your defenses and streamline your workflows with these groundbreaking additions:

1. Elevated Security: Masking Rules at Org Level Take control of your data security like never before. Now, you can define masking rules at the Salesforce org level, ensuring compliance with organizational policies and enabling seamless reusability across multiple jobs.

2. Enhanced Security Monitoring: Seamless Viewing of Logs & Reporting on User Activity (SIEM) Empower your enterprise security with enhanced user activity and application event logging. Logs are now provided in CEF format, enabling seamless integration with tools like Splunk for comprehensive analysis and continuous monitoring.

3. Advanced Encryption: AWS KMS Support for Vault Connect Securely access archived data from AWS KMS encrypted storage using your own key with Vault Connect. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is protected while viewing it directly in Salesforce through external objects.

4. Supporting Vault with Azure Private Link Experience seamless and secure access to BLOB storage from Azure VMs with support for Azure private link in the Vault application, eliminating the need for access keys.

Now, let's dive into additional enhancements aimed at optimizing your data management processes:

5. Enhanced Vault Capabilities: Reusable Replicate Configurations Say goodbye to repetitive setup tasks! With our enhanced Vault capabilities, you can now create reusable Replicate configurations, saving you valuable time and effort by efficiently rerunning configurations and generating multiple jobs as needed.

6. Streamlined Workflow: Org-to-Org Cloning of Masking Rules Simplify your data masking process with ease! Introducing the ability to clone masking rules directly from one Salesforce org to another, eliminating the hassle of defining rules from scratch for sandboxes and other Salesforce orgs with identical masking requirements.

7. Enhanced Clarity: Naming Masking Rules Bring clarity and organization to your masking rules by providing them with descriptive names of your choice. With this new feature, managing and identifying rules has never been easier.

8. Real-Time Replication: Replicate with Salesforce Live Data Experience the power of near real-time data replication with support for Salesforce Live Data sources. Seamlessly seed your org with actual data without relying solely on backups.

9. Insightful Analytics: Drawing Metrics on Archived Data Unlock valuable insights from your archived data with built-in reporting capabilities within the Vault application. Now, you can analyze metrics on up to 6 months' worth of archived data effortlessly.

10. Simplified Data Management: Mapping Restricted Picklists & Record Types Streamline your data management processes with automated mapping of restricted picklist values and record types between source and destination Orgs, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

11. Preserved Data Integrity: Restore with Blank/Null Values Ensure data integrity throughout the restoration process with the ability to seamlessly restore null or blank values from backups during rollback or replication.

12. Improved Connectivity: Vault Connect - OData Connector V4.01 Support Stay connected effortlessly with support for the OData connector V4.01, ensuring seamless connectivity and data exchange while bypassing callout limits.

Upgrade now and fortify your data defenses with Vault's latest release!

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