External Unique ID Validation


Now users no longer have to worry about the possibility of 'External Unique ID’ being assigned to non-unique fields.

Feature Overview

  1. As part of this feature, a validation will be performed to verify whether the β€˜lookup key’ is available in the destination Org.

  2. A verification will be performed to confirm whether users have access to the β€˜External ID’.

  3. If the external unique ID is changed to a β€˜non-unique field’ (example: Name), then a notification will appear when users click on the β€˜Create Dataset & Deploy’ or β€˜Create Dataset Commit & Deploy’ button.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select the required values from the dropdown available on the β€˜Feature Deployment’ section.

  2. If the β€˜external ID’ is not available, then the following notification as highlighted will be displayed in the popup, when users click on β€˜Create Dataset & Deploy’, as displayed in the following screenshot.

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