Selecting a Range of Revisions


Now it is easier to select a range of revisions through Version Control.

Feature Overview

This feature allows users to select a range of commits from the available commits for that deployment.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Select ‘Version Control’ from the ‘Deployment From’ field.

  2. Select ‘Revision Range’ from the ‘Deployment Type’ field.

  3. Select ‘Git’ from the ‘Version Control’ field.

  4. Select the required repository from the ‘Repository’ field.

  5. Select the required ‘Branch’ from the ‘Branch’ field.

  6. Select a revision in the ‘From Revision’ field.

  1. Select a revision from the ‘To Revision’ field.

  2. Revisions that are available below the one selected in the ‘From Revision’ field, will remain grayed out for the rest of the selection.

  3. After the required revisions are selected, continue with the configuration of the CI Job creation.

  4. Once the required configuration is selected, click ‘Save’ on the ‘Preview & Save’ section of the ‘CI Job’ creation screen.

  5. Once ‘Save’ is clicked, users are redirected to the ‘CI Job’ list page.

  6. Click on the ‘Play’ button to trigger the build. Upon clicking the ‘Play’ button, users are redirected to the following page.

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