Registering TFS repository in ARM

This section guides you to register the TFS repository in ARM.

  1. Log in to your ARM account.

  2. Hover your mouse over the Admin module and select the option: VC Repos.

  1. Click on Register Repository.

  2. Select the Version Control System as TFS on the Register Repository page.

  3. Enter the name of the repository to display it locally.

  4. Paste the Repository URL that TFS provides you.

  5. Choose the correct user's Credentials from the list. To create a new credential, click on the + icon.

  6. Click Test Connection to check if the connection has been authenticated. A success message is displayed after the authentication is completed.

  1. Finally, click Save to complete the TFS repository registration process and to close the Register Repository screen.

Point to Remember: Select the Enable nCino checkbox to register the TFS repository with nCino objects included. To easily identify nCino registered Version Control Repositories among all other repositories, nCino logos are marked in front of the Repository Label.

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