License Errors

License Expired Errors

You must renew your subscription by entering a new licence key if your subscription has expired and you can no longer access your CodeScan account. For your subscription extension and the proper licence key, reach out to our support team.

However, if the system throws the below error message after you enter a new licence key, you need to identify where the expired licence key is being passed on and update it with the new licence key.


License is not valid
License expired on <date_of_expiry>
Code: 6


A CodeScan license key can be entered via the following ways:

  • Command Line parameter [-Dsf.license.secured]

  • In the, or sfdx-project.json inside the project folder considered for analysis

  • In the Sonarqube-{version} installation folder Example: sonarqube-1.0.12345/conf/

  • System environment variable: Add an environment variable called codescanLicense containing the license on the user's machine.

    • Variable name: codescanLicense

    • Value: <License_Key>

Proxy Errors

The most common problem with licensing problems are when your network has a proxy. This can cause licensing problems including:

101: Couldn’t fetch license for unlicensed project

104: Couldn’t fetch license: No response given

Couldn't fetch license for unlicensed product is sometimes coupled with something similar to:

JsonSyntaxException: Expected EOF near <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD

This is the proxy replying with an HTML error page when a JSON object is expected.

See here for instructions on how to set up CodeScan on a network with a proxy.

Version Errors

Licensing version problems can occur with older versions of CodeScan. When this occurs, you will see the following error:


License is not valid:

License is not for this product

Code: 7


This can be avoided by updating to the latest version of CodeScan.

If this is not an option, contact Support for assistance and we will provide you with the appropriate license version.

Line Count Problems

Licensing problems can occur when you are operating outside the Terms of Service.


License is not valid:

Lines exceed your license (6878 > 1000)

Code: 103


This can be avoided by increasing your license limit or reducing the lines of code you are scanning. More information: CodeScan License Issues (IDE)

Please reach out to CodeScan Support for any queries about your license.

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