Setting up CodeScan for use with a Proxy

To configure CodeScan for use in a network with a proxy you will need to set the following settings in your file (version 3.6-RC3+) or as parameters of your Jenkins job.

http.proxyHost, http.proxyPort and optionally http.proxyUser and http.proxyPassword

Older versions require you to set the above parameters and the following parameters in -DANT_OPTS:

https.proxyHost, https.proxyPort and optionally https.proxyUser and https.proxyPassword

Also, if your SonarQube™ server is not localhost and your proxy doesn’t resolve internally, you’ll need to add the SonarQube™ server host to http.nonProxyHosts to ensure that contacting the SonarQube™ server doesn’t go through the proxy. The value in http.nonProxyHosts MUST match the value in the antbuild.xml file (minus the port number) or it will not connect.

For example, antbuild.xml


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