Not receiving email notifications from CodeScan for new issue assigned

Problem Statement: My team member assigned me issues for a project, yet, I have not received any email notification from CodeScan?

Probable Cause:

  1. Verify the notifications feature is turned on for any new issues in your profile.

  1. If you login to CodeScan through SSO, ensure the following:

    • Email attributes are configured in SAML configuration.

    • If SAML username attribute contains email as a value, email security tools may block the notifications.

Key point to note related to CodeScan Notification issue

  • A notification is never sent to the author of the event.

  • The developer will not get notified about their own issues. It's only the assignee who gets notified and not the author.

  • In case the author of pull request manually assigns the issue to himself, no email notification is received.

  • The author/developer can look at their respective issues from the CodeScan UI.

  • You can export issues in the CSV format for all the projects and monitor the issues ( **

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