Add a Project to CodeScan from Git

This document guides how to add a git project to your CodeScan cloud account and run the analysis. This method can be used to add a project from any git-based SCM; however, if you use a cloud version of GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab, we suggest you use the specific integration for your repository.

  1. Login to your CodeScan account.

  2. Once you log into your CodeScan account, click on the (+) icon in the top right corner and select Analyze new project.

  1. It takes you to a different window. Choose the Organization for which you'd like to create a project.

  1. In the next screen, click on Add Analysis Project option.

  1. You will now see a new popup window; select Git from the given options.

  1. Enter the necessary information in the fields as mentioned below:

    • Fill in the GIT repository URL. You can add two types of URL addresses in the field:

      1. An HTTPS URL like

      2. An SSH URL, like or ssh://

    • Enter the Git username and the security token in their respective fields, followed by the project branch name.

    • Enter the CodeScan project security key, followed by the project name.

    • Under Scheduling, choose whether to run the project automatically by selecting Daily or manually by selecting Manual.

    • If you select Daily, another field named Schedule has to be selected by choosing the time you want the automatic analysis to be triggered.

Note: To know where to find the project key, refer to our document on how to do it by clicking here.

This triggers the project analysis and the added project under your CodeScan organization.

This project will now run daily at the scheduled time unless configured otherwise.

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