Add a project to CodeScan from Salesforce

This document guides how to add a Salesforce project to your CodeScan cloud account and run the analysis.

  1. Login into your CodeScan account.

  2. Once you log into your CodeScan account, click the + icon in the top right corner and select Analyze new project.

  1. It takes you to a different window. Choose the Organization for which you'd like to create a project. Click Set Up.

  1. In the next window, click on Add Analysis Project option.

  2. You will now see a new popup window; select Salesforce from the given options.

  3. Next, choose the environment from the dropdown between Production/Developer, My own domain, and Sandbox.

    1. Production/Developer: Production/Developer refers authenticating users to for a Developer account and/or a Production account using the username and password at

    2. Sandbox: Sandboxes are test environments that provide a way to copy and create metadata from a production org (above). It is a separate environment where you can test (including seeding with data). There are four different types of sandboxes, accessed at

    3. My own domain: Choose this if you have set up your domain or custom URL to access your Salesforce org rather than Next, specify the Salesforce login URL in the text box. For example, Companies and admins can better manage login and authentication for their Salesforce orgs by creating a custom domain.

  4. Click on Authorize. It will redirect to the Salesforce login page. Validate your credentials and click on Login.

  1. You will be redirected back to the CodeScan app.

  2. In CodeScan, on Add a new project screen, fill in the below details:

    • The project key and the project name are auto-assigned. You can edit the fields as per your need.Note:To know where to find the project key, refer to our document on how to do it by clicking HERE.

    • Enter the project version under the Default Project Version field.

    • Choose the Unit Test Mode from the dropdown. This allows you to configure which unit tests are run by the analysis. Example, Run Unit Tests, Use Previous Run, or keep it in disabled mode

    • Under Scheduling, you can set the time frame for the analysis to run. You can run the project automatically by selecting Daily or manually by selecting Manual. If you select Daily, another field named Schedule has to be selected by choosing the time you want the automatic analysis to be triggered.

  3. Click Add and Run Now. This triggers the project analysis and the added project under your CodeScan organization.

  4. You'll be redirected to the Project Analysis screen to view the status of your analysis triggered.


"ip restricted" error: If your scan fails with the IP restricted error, please refer to the Troubleshooting article.

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