Adding a project to CodeScan from GitLab

This document guides how to add a GitLab project to your CodeScan Cloud account and run the analysis.

  1. Login to your CodeScan account.

  2. You will now see a new popup window; click on GitLab from the given options.

  3. Now another popup window appears with the fields: Choose a repository, Project Branch, Check Pull Requests, Key, and Name.

    • Choose the repository you want to add, followed by the project branch name.

    • Make sure you select the checkbox under Check Pull Requests. This will add webhooks.

    • Next, enter the Project Key followed by the Project Name.Note:To know where to find the project key, refer to our document on how to do it by clicking HERE.

    • Once you fill out all the details in the popup window, click on Add and Run Now.

  4. This triggers the project analysis and the project being added under your CodeScan organization.

  5. When you click the link, it will take you to the CodeScan Project page, where you can view your project's log report.

  6. Now that the webhooks have been created, every time a push or pull request is made to the tracked branch, an analysis will be triggered in CodeScan.

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