Backup Support for Knowledge Articles

Vault introduced the ability to back up Salesforce Knowledge articles as part of the Vault Data backup feature.

During the backup process, these articles are saved under their respective Article Types, with the addition of a suffix "__kav," aligning with Salesforce's classification of Articles. Default Knowledge articles are saved as knowledge__kav records.

Point to Consider

  • Ensure that the Knowledge Articles already exist in your Salesforce org.


  1. Log in to your Vault account and navigate to the Setup module.

  2. Select your Salesforce org from the list.

  3. Go to the Configs tab.

  4. Click on Add Backup Config.

  5. Choose the Backup configuration type as Metadata and data excluding special objects.

  6. Click OK.

  7. By default, you will be directed to the Metadata tab, where the available metadata types in your Salesforce Org are listed. Since we are specifically backing up Knowledge Articles records, deselect all other metadata types by unchecking the "Metadata Type" field.

  8. Click Next to proceed to the Data tab.

  9. Uncheck the Object Label Name field to clear all objects selection.

  10. Search for knowledge in the Quick find box, and select the Knowledge object.

  11. Click Next to proceed to the final screen. On this screen, you need to:

    • Provide a name for the backup configuration and add a brief description.

    • Select the Backup type as "None" for Metadata and choose between "Full Backup" or "Incremental Backup" for Data. The incremental backup option will copy only the data that has changed since the last backup operation.

    • To optimize data loading or delete extensive records asynchronously through parallel processing, enable the bulk API feature for your data objects. Click on the Gear icon next to the Backup Type field and turn on the "Enable Bulk API" option.

    • Keep the "Allow multiple backups to run in parallel" toggle set to Yes.

    • Choose the frequency of the backup: daily, weekly, monthly, or a specific interval.

    • Specify the period for retaining the backed-up data using the Backup Retention period field.

    • Click Save Config.

  12. Next, go to the Backup module and select your Salesforce org configured with Knowledge Articles Versioning (KAV) objects. Click on Backup Now.

  13. Choose the backup configuration you created earlier from the dropdown, if it's not already auto-selected. Click Backup.

  14. You will be redirected back to the Backup Summary screen, which displays the status of the recently triggered backup.

For more details on how to restore or replicate Knowledge Articles, check this article.

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