About nCino

nCino is the worldwide leader in cloud banking. In today's competitive landscape, customer and employee expectations are changing. Speed, convenience, and trust matter most. To meet these expectations, financial institutions must deploy the right technology to provide the personalized experience customers and employees demand.

With its Bank Operating System, built on the Salesforce platform, financial institutions can deliver the speed and digital experience that customers expect, backed by the quality and transparency that bankers need.

Why nCino Chose AutoRABIT

AutoRABIT is designed around the industry’s only CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) server purpose-built for Salesforce to handle metadata and data. AutoRABIT delivers an integrated suite of tools including version control, deployment automation, sandbox management, data migration, and test automation. AutoRABIT solutions streamline processes and automate activities at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle, simplifying deployment from development to production.

With AutoRABIT's strong expertise in Salesforce technology, working together with nCino extends CRM clients directly into a comprehensive processing system. AutoRABIT collaboration with nCino will help lending institutions stay ahead of today's complex deployment challenges and retool their business to win in the next era of banking.

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