Subscription Management
  • 30 Mar 2022
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Subscription Management

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Important Note:
This article is for the 'Org Administrator' in particular. The actions discussed in the article will not be available to the General Users.  

Subscription Management: Overview

AutoRABIT offers an easy and centralized solution for Super Administrators of your Organization to manage team subscriptions and accounts. This ensures tracking of all subscription activity, ensuring everything is logged and nothing is lost. You use the Subscription Management (SM) interface to review and manage how purchased subscriptions are used on your production instance.

Important Note:
  1. The Super Administrator can view the Subscription Management section only if more than 20 licenses are allotted to your organization.
  2. For Enterprise customers only. The Super Admin is required to upload the license key sent via AutoRABIT in Admin > My Account > Subscription Management section.


  1. Login to your AutoRABIT account using the Super Administrator credentials. 
  2. Hover your mouse over the Admin tab and click on Subscriptions.
  3. Your active plan details will be shown on the dashboard with details like:
    1. Total Subscriptions: Number of licenses purchased by the organization. Only the Super Administrator of your Organization can view the Subscription Management section. 
    2. Total Subscription Allotted: Number of licenses utilized to date.
    3. Total Subscription Available: Total number of licenses available.
      Important Note:
      By default, AutoRABIT considers you as a part of a team and if the subscription available denotes 'zero', it means you completely utilizing the entire team subscription for your team only. 

Adding and configuring Teams 

This section is all about creating the teams and assigning members to those teams. This allows you to assign tasks to specific groups of people in your organization. 

  1. Login to the Subscription Management dashboard using the Super Administrator credential. 
  2. On the right side of the screen, click Create Team.
  3. Enter a name for your team.
  4. Choose a Team Administrator or click on icon to create a user account and assign him/her permission as a Team Administrator. Fill in the required details and the newly created user will be assigned as a Team Administrator.
    Important Note:
    1. The Super Administrator can only view the Subscription Management page.
    2. The Team Administrator will not be able to view the Subscription Management page.
    3. The user, added by the Super Admin and has the Admin role, will also not have permission to view the Subscription page.
    4. Only delegated or released users list will be displayed in Team Administrator drop-down field. For more information on delegate or released users, refer HERE.
    5. Users assigned to a team will not be allowed to be a part of another team.
  5. Next, enter the number of licenses required in the Team Subscriptions field.
  6. If you like to add the current logged-in registered user to be a part of the team, select the checkbox: Grant access to this team for
    Important Note:
    The granted user will not be counted as a part of subscribed license in the team.
  7.  Click Save.
  8. The newly created team will be displayed on the Subscription Management homepage. 
  9. For each team created, the following information gets displayed:
    • Team Name: Name of the Team
    • Created Date: Date/time stamp for the team created
    • Team Admin: Team Administrator assigned to the current team
    • Subs. Allotted: Number of licenses allotted to the team
    • Subs. Consumed: Number of licenses consumed
    • Subs. Available: Number of licenses pending
  10. Additional options:
    1. Add New Resource: Click on the symbol to add new resources to the team. The team administrator can create users with his login, however, in case, you need to add resources from the existing login, then follow the steps as mentioned in the Delegate Users section.
    2. Edit Team: Click on the icon to modify the team details like assigning a new team administrator for the team, changing the subscription licenses, etc.
      Important Note:
      If the current 'Team Administrator' is replaced with another Team Administrator, then the entire permissions that are held by the current administrator will be delegated to the new administrator.
    3. Delete a Team: Click on the  icon to delete the team. This process cannot be undone.

Managing Licenses for Enterprise Users

As an Account Administrator for your AutoRABIT account, you have the ability to manage the user licenses to which you have subscribed for your organization.

Purchase Additional User Licenses

You will need to submit a support ticket if you want to purchase extra licenses for your organization. Our Customer Success (CS) team will provide you with a new license key, which you must upload to the Subscription Management page.

Step 1: Upload License Key

Navigate to Admin > Subscription Management once you've received the license key file from us. You'll see a summary of the Total Subscription count, Total Subscription Allotted so far, and Total Subscription Available (which can be assigned to a user or team). 

Click on Choose File and upload the license key (.l4j file format). Click Upload

The overall subscription counts will be changed based on the user's license specified in the key.

If an incorrect file is selected, a notification popup stating that the file is incorrect is displayed. Click on the Reset button and select the correct file.

Step 2: Updating Allotted Subscriptions

After uploading the license key, the administrator can allot the available subscriptions to the desired team.

  1. Look for the desired team on the Subscription Management page
  2. Then, under the Actions tab, click on the Edit ( ) icon to update the subscription count for a team.
  3. The number of user licenses available for your account is displayed in the Subscriptions Available field.
  4. In the Team Subscriptions section, click on the - or + buttons to update the license count, and then click on Save. All fields on the Subscription Management page will get updated.

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