Salesforce - The Tools You Need to Be Successful

Salesforce is an essential cloud application that the ARM tool works with to build a successful CI/CD pipeline. Therefore, whether you are in support, engineering, enterprise services, product, or customer success, it is essential to have a Salesforce environment to replicate bugs, train, or verify bug fixes. In addition to Salesforce, it is critical to have a Version Control System to ensure that the version control is the source of truth.

There are several Version Control Systems out there, including GitHub, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps Server (formerly known as TFS (Team Foundation Server)). Each client may utilize a different Version Control System, but ARM allows you to connect to the three most popular Version Control Systems, i.e., GIT, SVN, and TFS.

Salesforce provides a full copy of the Lightning Platform for free. This means you can get your own Developer Edition to integrate with ARM for free. You can get your very own instance by signing up at:

In addition to a Development Edition orgs and a Version Control System, having Microsoft Visual Studio Code is beneficial. Microsoft VS Code is a powerful source code editor on your desktop.

You can download Visual Studio Code, which integrates GIT for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Follow this link to download for your appropriate platform:

In addition to the tools mentioned above, it is recommended to install Git Bash. The URL to download Git Bash for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux/Unix can be found here: Git Bash is a command line through which users can use Git features, including standard Unix commands. One of the common Unix commands available through Git Bash is to add a file to your existing Git repository:

# create new file
$ touch README

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