Tips for working with the ARM Support team

Tell us how to work with you.

Let us know in your messages (when raising support requests) how you'd like us to communicate with you, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request. We can schedule virtual calls with you and offer screen sharing to aid in our troubleshooting. If you're working with us via email and prefer a call, ask us, and we'll set one up with you.

Reporting multiple issues

Generally, we prefer separate issues to be reported via separate conversations. This allows different team members to work on these issues simultaneously to resolve them sooner. If you find you are working on a larger project with multiple issues, let us know โ€” we'll do our best to route these to the same Support Engineer to help address your concerns.

Ad-hoc training

We encourage each of our customers to access the AutoRABIT Academy / Help Center regularly as we continually refine and expand the training and help materials available there. If you need additional training on parts of the platform, you can arrange it through your Customer Success Manager. We are happy to help you identify how to utilize the platform better.

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