Alerts and Notifications
  • 22 Mar 2022
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Alerts and Notifications

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You can configure alerts to notify you or your team members of events that require attention based on criteria configured in an alert. They are email-based alert notifications that are sent out for records that have been added, modified, or deleted and that meet the alert conditions. The notification will include a copy of the records. When you create a notification, you set the conditions for who should receive it.

How to set up Alerts?

Use the following steps to generate an email alert once the conditions configured is met for records in your Salesforce Org:

  1. Login to your Vault account.
  2. From the dashboard, click Setup and then click on your Salesforce Org.salesforce org
  3. Go to the Alerts tab, and click on Add Alert Rules.add alert rules
  4. On the Add Alert page, in the Rule Name field, type the name of the alert.rule name
  5. Next, select the category that you want to associate with this alert i.e., metadata or data.
    1. Data: For data, select the object(s) (max of 10 objects) from your Salesforce Org and enter the alert values. Once the alert threshold value reaches, an email notification triggers.add alert
    2. Metadata: For metadata, select the metadata members (max 10 members) from the list and enter the alert value.meta data
  6. Select the alert criteria, whether the records were either added, modified or deleted, or all together.
  7. Vault has a preconfigured alert that is triggered daily at 01:30 AM UTC to evaluate the alert rule.
  8. Select the recipients for the alert. By default, the author who configured the Salesforce Org in Vault will get auto-selected, however, you can add further teammates to notify about the alert. To do so, click on Edit and select the recipients who all be notified after the alert criteria are met, and then click Apply.add alertalert update
  9. On the Add Alert page, review your selections, and then click Submit.add alert rules
  10. The new alert appears under Alert Rules on the Alert tab.
  11. For all alert conditions that are met, that information will get displayed in the Alert history tab.

Editing Alerts

You can modify the options of an alert using the Edit Alert wizard.

  1. From the Setup Console, select your Salesforce Org and click Alerts.
  2. In the Alert Rules section, search for the alert that you want to modify and then click the Edit icon.
  3. In the Edit Alert window, make the necessary changes and click Submit.Editing Alerts

Deleting Alerts

You can delete alerts.

  1. From the Setup Console, select your Salesforce Org and click Alerts.
  2. In the Alert Rules section, search for the alert that you want to delete and then click the Delete icon.salesforce org

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