SonarQube instances was mistakenly deleted

Can I create a new SonarQube™ instance and use the existing CodeScan license if one of my SonarQube™ instances was mistakenly deleted?

Yes, you can reinstall CodeScan Self-Hosted and continue to utilize your existing license.

After you've set up the prerequisites, you can use your existing account and password to log into SonarQube™. If it doesn't work, try logging in with the admin username and password.

  1. Login into SonarQube™ using the below credentials:

    • username: admin

    • password: admin

  2. Go to the top right and select Administrator.

  3. On the right side, select General Settings.

  4. On the category list, select CodeScan.

  5. In the CodeScan license text box, type your license key. (key is sf. license.secured)

  6. Save the file.

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