Release Notes 4.2
  • 21 Mar 2022
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Release Notes 4.2

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CodeScan 4.2

New Features

New Apex Rules

  • Avoid Insecure Digest Algorithms: MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms are no longer considered secure because it's too easy to create a hash collision between two message contents.
  • Avoid Salesforce System Class Names: Classes with names that already exist as internal classes will take precedence due to namespacing.
  • Avoid Nested Switch Statements: Avoid creating nested 'switch' statements since they are error-prone, harder to read, and harder to maintain.
  • Avoid Reversed Operators: Reversing operators may be a bug, or at the very least make it hard to read.
  • Avoid Using HTTP Referer Headers: HTTP Referer headers can be modified by attackers. Making a decision based on the value of the referer can be dangerous.
  • Catch Block Should Do More Than Rethrow: Catch blocks that do nothing but rethrow an exception should either be changed or removed.
  • Field Level Security Vulnerabilities: This rule makes sure that the code checks for access permissions before running a SOQL, SOSL, or DML operation.
    Single Method Singleton: Avoid using overloaded getInstance methods.
    Statements Should Be On Separate Lines
    Statements should be on separate lines to increase readability and maintainability.
  • Suspicious For Loop Incrementer: Incrementers that do not match the body of the for loop could be a bug.
  • Ternary operators that can be simplified with || or &&: Ternary operators with the form condition ? literalBoolean : foo or condition ? foo : literalBoolean can be simplified.
  • Unexpected Casting of Types: When arithmetic is performed on a type, the type remains the same even if the result is a different type. This can return an unexpected result.

Updated Apex Rules

  • Division By Zero: Division by zero exception may occur when zero could be the denominator to a division or modulo operation.
  • Apex Classes should use Random IV/Key: Now checks for EncodingUtil.base64Decode(key);

New Visualforce Rules

  • Avoid using GETSESSIONID() and $API.Session_Id: Lightning Experience does not have access to the API session token. Visualforce pages that access the session ID should be tested within Lightning Experience.
  • External Script and Style Resources Should Be Avoided: Including content from untrusted sources can lead to various security issues including include injection of malware.
  • Remove OnClick Javascript: Javascript in "onclick", "onmouseover" and similar actions within components are ignored.
  • Require CSRF Protection On GET Requests: Require CSRF protection on GET requests must be enabled from the Visual Force Page settings.
  • Unencoded Formulas In Style Tags XSS: Makes sure that all values obtained from URL parameters are properly escaped / sanitized to avoid XSS attacks.
  • Unescaped Value Could Cause XSS: Reflected Cross-site Scripting (XSS) occurs when an attacker injects browser executable code within a single HTTP response. Using unescaped parameters can be a security risk.
  • Avoid Apex Tags Within Script: Avoid using <apex:*> tags within <script> tags for readability and security.


  • Improved documentation on vulnerabilities including links to OWASP and CERT explanations.
  • Support for Inherited Sharing Keywords in Apex - Salesforce Documentation

Bug Fixes

  • Code coverage that does not match the current state of the codebase no longer causes unrecoverable errors (v4.2.0)
  • Fixed bug that caused component files to not scan correctly (v4.2.2)
  • Fixed issue that caused certain tags starting with "\" in comments to not parse (v4.2.3)
  • Fixed issue that caused code coverage to not be applied. (v4.2.3)
  • Fixed bug in Long Javascript rule that causes the length to be improperly calculated (v4.2.3)
  • Fixed issue that caused files to not highlight correctly (v4.2.3)
  • Fixed bug that caused Class Without Test Class rule to ignore certain files (v4.2.3)
  • Fixed bug that caused errors to appear and disappear (v4.2.3)
  • Fixed bug that caused certain code coverage data to be displayed incorrectly (v4.2.5)
  • Fixed bug in the Class Without Test Class rule (v4.2.6)

Other Changes

  • The rule "Class with only Private Constructors should be Final" has been deprecated and removed completely.  Classes are final by default therefore this rule is unnecessary.
  • The rule "Remove OnClick Javascript" has been removed from the default Visualforce and Lightning Quality Profile.
  • SonarQube™ 7.6 Support
  • A selection of new rules has been added to the default Quality Profiles (4.2.1).

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